A Bit About Vickie - Vickie Wills

A little about Vickie


Written by her husband John because Vickie doesn’t much like to talk about herself.


Vickie has taken photos pretty much all her life. We have wonderful records of children, home, family, vacations etc.


I’ve enjoyed photographer since I was able to buy a little camera and pay for film processing. I became more interested in the process after I built a darkroom — not all that many years but centuries ago from a technological view.


After my introduction to digital photography I became almost obsessed (in a good way I think) with it. While I was shooting, Vickie often went along and filled her waiting-on-the-photographer-wannabee time by "just taking a few snapshots".


Along the way, although you’d be hard pressed to get her to say so, she has morphed from snapshot shooter to very good hobbyist photographer. Not only does she take increasingly excellent photos, she also is becoming proficient in post processing RAW files primarily using Lightroom. And now…this. I've totally corrupted her.


We benefit from working and learning together because we bring different perspectives to almost every area and phase of the photo process — and pretty much everything else.


  • • I have a tendency to become fixated on the type of photo I’m after, which isn't a good or bad thing in itself, but sometime from within that narrow field of vision, I overlook other photo opportunities. Unfortunately I can become so focused on the "I gotta have it" shot that I miss images that are staring down the barrel of my lens just begging to be shot.


  • • Vickie has a great eye and takes remarkable photos of what she sees. She photographs things I completely miss. (Thankfully she will often point them out to me while we are still in the field.) She usually records a better sense of the place and its atmosphereI do.


  • • She is teaching me, by example, to take off the blinders and take in everything there is to see.




One more thing I must mention is equipment.


John uses:


  1. 1. D7100 Nikon
  2. 2. Nikkor 18-140
  3. 3. Nikkor 55-300
  4. 4. Tamron 150-600
  5. 5. Various ND, UL and Polarizing filters
  6. 6. A set of graduated ND filters
  7. 7. Sunpak PZ42X flash
  8. 8. RF remote shutter release
  9. 9. Zonei carbon fiber tripod
  10. 10. A couple gadget bags and
  11. 11. Other small miscellaneous stuff.

But lest you think it’s mostly about equipment…


Right now Vickie uses:

Canon PowerShot SX50 HS…


…and an old monopod, extra battery, bug spray, a few bandaids, a couple snack bars and water.


Perhaps her husband is making this hobby of his a little too complicated?


If you enjoy her photography as much as I do, please let her know.